Senior Moving Specialist Grand Rapids

Think of us as Family

We treat every client with dignity, respect and we handle your project in a private and confidential way. These are big days, and can often be a source of great stress. As the first Senior Move Specialists® in West Michigan, Seniors Moving Smarter has the “know how” to get the job done, but more importantly we help our clients feel comfortable along the way. Delivered by a team that is literally a family, and led by someone who is passionate about helping people.

Who Is Coming Into Your Home?
The vast majority of moving companies rely on independent contractors or day laborers. These workers are not protected from liability the same way as an actual employee, which could affect the liability of the homeowner. Seniors Moving Smarter does not use day laborers. Our employees are paid for every single job and are entitled to unemployment and worker’s compensation benefits. In addition, they are trained, supervised, and given direction by the company. We know about the people coming into your home, which gives you more peace of mind and a sense of trust and comfort.

Legally Bonded. Ethically Committed.
As part of the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM), we have been reviewed for insurance and experience requirements, and remain knowledgeable by continually taking classes in Senior Move Management. You’ll benefit from this ongoing education, which is reflected in the way we’ll work together. We also adhere to the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice as guided and supported by the NASMM Ethics Compliance Committee. ​

Our Team


Lori Tack

Creative Director

We knew Lori would fit in well when she told us the story of her moving a whole church. Not just the furniture, but a church building weighing thousands of pounds! Lori brings a background of non-profit leadership to our team and can combine her past skills in construction with our moving teams. We are lucky to have her help.


Kelly Ross

Customer Relations Specialist

Kelly brings warmth to any room she enters. Her outgoing personality matches well with our Sales and Marketing team. She’s a longtime resident of the lakeshore and enjoys spending time with her large family. Kelly helps spread the word about our top notch service helping our clients set up their new home. We’re so grateful to have her on our team.

Ann Elise

AnnElise Rudin

Move Specialist®

AnnElise is a valuable member of our team. From her past working as a social worker, to her time spent as a home school teacher, she brings a valuable skill set to each move. Whether it’s creating order from chaos or problem solving, she works hard to get the job done. She loves seeing a new home being put together and we are grateful for her.


Maggie Balck

Move Specialist®

Maggie is a go-getter and loves to get things done. She enjoys helping our clients feel at ease. Her smile and energy are perfect for our team!

Julie Corby

Move Specialist®

Julie brightens everyone’s day. She is fun, smart, and energetic.  Her skills as an event coordinator for a successful architectural firm lend themselves perfectly to working with our clients, managing their projects and making sure everything goes smoothly. She will get your job done quickly, make sure it is done right, and do it with careful thought to your needs.  We are thankful for her spirit and her enthusiasm!

leah smith

Leah Smith

Move Specialist®

Leah has a heart for service and hospitality. Her passion for both helps to make a difference on our team. She loves getting into the small details during a move; especially organizing and decorating. Hearing stories and getting a glimpse into a client’s life journey allow Leah to use her strengths together every day.


Kadi Franklin

Move Specialist®

Kadi’s smile puts everyone at ease. Her background in the healthcare industry blends perfectly with her caring personality and desire to help others. You’ll love working with Kadi.

Patti Neigh

Move Specialist®

Patti’s presence sets you at ease immediately with her friendly personality. She has a heart for serving others and a love for organizing.

Marjo Stauffer

Move Specialist®

Marjo brings a ton of experience and energy to our team.  As a senior hair designer she made sure her clients were happy and she’ll make sure you are happy too!   Sorting, downsizing and clearing house are just some of the daily tasks Marjo loves to do.  She is quick to think through a project and her “how can I help?” attitude makes her a great asset to our team.


Carla Ford

Move Specialist®

Carla is a great addition to our team. Her warmth and kindness compliment her skillset when helping our clients with their moving projects. 


Sales & Marketing Director

Marianne is a go-getter. Her experience owning multiple businesses gives her great insight on connecting and educating potential clients about our services. She is always looking to provide a great experience for both the senior living communities and our beloved seniors. We are grateful for her work to make sales and service go hand in hand.

Primary Communities Served

Grand Rapids

Forest Hills