COVID-19 Updates

Think of us as Family

We are ready to return to work and keep you safe. The health and safety of our clients and our employees has always been a top priority and with COVID 19 it is now more than ever.  We have implemented new protocols, trained our employees, and we are ready.  We are ready to keep you safe and ready to keep you moving. We recognize this as our new normal and these protocols need to remain in place for an unknown length of time.

Our new policies are outlined below:

  • We have stocked our warehouse full of new boxes, new paper, tape and so on.
  • Virtual estimates instead of in-home estimates.
  • Frequent sanitization of our warehouse, supplies, trucks, and equipment.
  • Quarantine our packing blankets between client use for 72 hours.
  • Screen our employees as guided by the CDC.
  • Wear face masks and gloves as able (a firm grip on heavy furniture is sometimes difficult with gloves on)
  • Social distancing with clients and, as much as possible, among moving teams.
  • Keeping trucks and work bags stocked with hand sanitizer.
  • Do not use used boxes.  We can provide you with new ones from our fully stocked warehouse.
  • Do not make multiple trips to the store to obtain moving supplies.  Consult with your Senior Move Manager™ , we can assess your needs and deliver new supplies to you.
  • If you are packing your own boxes, have all boxes packed at least 24hrs prior to our movers arriving.
  • If time and energy allows, wipe down your belongings and clean items as you pack. This can help protect others if you are moving into a retirement community.
  • Have a hand washing station available for our workers.
  • Have a plan in place, when possible, to leave your home while we work. If you can’t leave your home, together we will develop a plan for you to stay safe while we work.
  • Wear a mask. We will provide to you if needed.
  • Do not have other vendors (house-keepers, repairmen, etc.) present while we are working in your home.
  • Have Lysol spray available for our crews to spray down surfaces, furniture, and other items as we exit your new home.
  • Only use licenses movers who will have the Letter of Authority with them while they are working on your behalf. Otherwise your personal belongings could be seized.

SMS opened its doors in 2006.  Fall of 2007 brought our first big project. We were asked to help fix a low census crisis.  The owner of Stonebridge Apartments of Allendale called us with one big question – how can we help fill his property before December 31st, 2008 and before he loses $300,000.00.  We set out together and created a move package incentive and filled the building (40 new residents in a 6 month period).  Needless to say it was a win-win. He helped my business take off and we saved him a lot of money.


We then moved on to do the same for CVGL.  60 residents in the first year!  Another win-win.  Got census back on track, filled a campus with excited, happy, and fully rested residents. And guess what, more residents wanted to move, they wanted that same move package that handled everything for them.  We continued this program long after the census crisis was over.  Why?  Because the small cost of paying for the move was proving to be money well spent. Happy clients recruit their friends.


During those same years, Waterford Place reached out for the same reason. Again, we developed a personalized approach for Waterford’s campus and began to fill the building.  This move package is still going strong today – 10 years later.


If you are facing a struggling census we can help. We have a long successful track record. We want be your partner to ease your clients fears and headaches of moving.  We have proven methods.  We have systems in place to keep the costs down.  We have protocols Costs are much less than empty apartments, empty rooms, and empty condos. A small investment of moving services is nominal compared to low census problems.  


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