Liz McCulloch

Liz formed Seniors Moving Smarter in November of 2006 when she was working as a medical social worker. At that time, the concept of “Senior Move Management” was in it’s infancy. Through her social work experience, she assisted hundreds of patients find appropriate housing that could meet their changing needs. The idea of starting a senior move management company gave her the ability to enhance and extend the assistance even further.

“I witnessed first hand how stressful the mere thought of moving can be, as well as the physical exhaustion of the family or friends trying to help with the move.  I believed there was a better way and moved forward to developing our comprehensive services.”

Seniors Moving Smarter continues to grow under Liz’s leadership. She has formed a team who possess a sincere desire to connect with and positively impact another’s life.

“I love that our staff takes the time to get to know our clients and really discover how we can best serve them. We’ve laughed with our clients and we’ve cried. I cherish that our clients and their loved ones trust us and I am so fortunate to be serving them.”

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People About Liz

What a smooth move getting us from Scottsdale, AZ to Grand Rapids, MI; including our automobile. On arrival furniture, pictures, and mirrors were put in the correct places--even linens and cutlery. All fragile items wrapped and unwrapped with TLC--no breakage. A super job. Thanks for accomplishing the move in such a very professional way.

JoAnn & CharlieMarch 15, 2017

As the point person at Porter Hills, I share how living at a community like ours can really be a positive experience. I’ve seen many people who struggled at home make great transitions into our community, and I get asked by family members each day, “When should I move my parent?” This question can get a different answer based on the individual circumstances. However, when it comes to those with memory difficulty, if it's feasible, I say, the sooner the better. If you wait too long, the transition can be that much harder all the way around. Making a move later in life is so much more than changing locations…it’s about the people, situations and family dynamics, its about being understanding and compassionate. Bringing experience, skills and compassion to this process is what Seniors Moving Smarter does best.

Angela Moloney, Porter HillsFebuary 3, 2017

We highly recommend Seniors Moving Smarter services. They are knowledgeable, friendly and thorough. They are great at making things come together fast. (As in, when your head is spinning and you can't make up your mind because your family can't decide what will fit where) We enjoyed working them and can say that the experience was quite pleasant.

Bob AshleyJanuary 14, 2017

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