Where’s Mom?

Where is Mom when everyone is sorting through her lifetime of memories?   

Where is Mom when her entire world is literally laid out before her in piles?   

Where is Mom when it is decided that these treasures and revived memories are trash?   

Where is Mom on moving day when everyone is focused on their role in her relocation?   

Who is supporting Mom?   


You Are.  

While We Do All The Work.  

Having relocated thousands of seniors, we not only have the skillset to expertly plan, sort, pack and relocate seniors,
we also are keenly aware of where Mom is and where she is supposed to be during each step of the relocation process.  

Relocating a senior involves much more than finding them a proper place to meet their needs and getting their things there.
Mentally and emotionally acclimating them to their new space and then making sure it feels like their home from the moment they are
introduced to it are crucial steps in the process, especially if they have any cognitive impairments.  


Before you decide to “just have the family do it,” please call us.
Let’s talk about what this scenario looks like and review ways we can provide support where it is needed to assure you
and mom have everything you need for a smooth relocation.  


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Mom is an illustration for our senior loved one.
Also includes dad, grandparents, aunts, uncles and wonderful seniors that we just love and want to help.  


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