Long-Distances Moves are Our Specialty

long distance move

Moving is difficult at any stage in life. Ranked as the third most stressful life event (behind the death of a loved one and divorce), the combination of mental, emotional and physical responsibilities is not to be underestimated. The compounding work needed to execute a move can very quickly take its toll on everyone involved, especially seniors.

But it does not have to be this way.

As a senior prepares to settle into a retirement community locally, across the state of Michigan or even across the country to be closer to family, hiring one company to manage their move from beginning to end will provide everyone involved with the necessary peace-of-mind to make the transition an expertly-planned and executed, stress-free moving experience.

Some of the reasons our clients love using Seniors Moving Smarter:

  • Your belongings stay in our control and possession the entire time.
  • We are patient, understanding of special circumstances and health concerns and utilize excellent communication with a single point person.
  • We use the same crew from beginning to end, which reduces the risk of loss and breakage
    and increases efficiency.
  • Moves are completed in a matter of days, not weeks.
  • We provide accurate estimates that are firm.
  • Arrival dates and schedules are reliable and concrete.
  • Our services encompass all moving aspects and include installing garage and closet organizers and mounting flat screen TVs in your new space.
  • This will help you get settled and organized more quickly We also dispose of all your packing materials when the unpacking is completed.
  • We can reuse and/or repurpose your used boxes, resulting in decreased supply cost for you.
  • Our team are experts in planning long-distance moves and understand all the potential pitfalls.
  • We know how retirement communities operate and how to plan for a smooth transition.
  • We use the right amount of materials versus trying to run up your packing costs. This not only saves on material costs but also saves space on the moving truck, which can also save you even more money in the end. (Packing is sold by the hours, not by the cube).

If you are looking for a company who does it all, call Seniors Moving Smarter today. From floor planning, sorting, and downsizing, to packing, moving and setting up your new home, we do it all – quick and affordable.

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